This purpose of this website is to explain to Satanists, and other other kinds of individualists, why they can be and should be politically left-wing.  This site is meant both to counter-act right wing tendencies in Satanism such as free-market libertarianism and Nazism, as well as to consolidate the Satanist Left so that it can get together and take practical action.  One of the best way to organize people is to get them on the same page, so I hope the essays listed at the top of the page help us accomplish this.  In the future I may add additional essays or resources, so make sure to occasionally check back and see if anything is listed under the link which says "more" in the upper-right corner.
            I believe that Leftism can satisfy the economically selfish, socially libertine, ethically amoral tendencies of many Satanists just as well as the Right -- in fact, it can do better.  I believe that, while the most vocal voices in Satanism are pro-market, most Satanists are progressive liberals who came to the religion out of disgust with the social conservatism of their old religions and society in general.  There are even a few radical diamonds in the rough, such as left-wing anarchists and revolutionary socialists.
            My name is Jake Black.  I’m a Satanist, a metalhead, and an active, organized, left-wing radical, but other than that, the details of my personal life are probably far less interesting or relevant to you than my ideas.  You can contact me at jakeblack0112@gmail.com or find me on forums such as Satanic International Network (SIN) or Facebook.

Thanks to Brian Devlin for tech help and site design.
The above engraving is an illustration of John Milton's Paradise Lost by Gustav Dore.